The Importance of a Bookkeeper in Starting or Running Your Business

Naples, FL gets the #66 spot in Forbes’ 2015 Ranking of the Best Places for Business and Careers in the United States—an impressive feat considering that the ranking takes into account all the incorporated places in the country, or a total of 297 towns and cities. This puts Naples in the top 25 percent of the list.

The Importance of a Bookkeeper in Starting or Running Your Business

Whether you are starting a new business or are currently operating one in this bustling city, you must acknowledge that your success will not be guaranteed by good economic conditions alone. You have to work hard to ensure all aspects of your business are in good shape, including your business records. A reliable bookkeeper can help you achieve this.

Bookkeeping vs. Accounting

It is important to note that bookkeeping and accounting are different from each other, even though you might hear some people use these terms interchangeably. They are, indeed, closely related. Both are important to a business and should be given adequate attention, but they involve different sets of activities. Business News Daily sums it up as follows: bookkeeping is for recording a company’s daily transactions while accounting deals with the verification and analysis of those records. It may be said, however, that bookkeeping is an important tool in proper accounting.

Your business will gain a number of benefits from good bookkeeping. Below are some of them:

You can better meet important deadlines. When you are running a business, it’s best to pay bills such as loans, rents, and taxes on time. Keeping an organized record lets you know exactly when each is due and how much you need to pay.

You can make better plans for your business. Your records will help you see the current condition of your business. As such, you have a good basis for creating the budget, making projections, setting goals, and preparing for sudden expenses.

You can better prepare for growth or downsizing. The records will help you see in advance when it’s time to upscale or downscale your business.

Unique Needs

Each business has unique bookkeeping needs. To determine this and other important financial details of your business, it’s best to seek help from a financial consultant, such as one from Perfect Accounting Services.


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