Thanks Kathleen, you are a great accountant. It’s wonderful to start out bookkeeping with a custom, correct and concise chart of accounts and a custom format.


This is to acknowledge that excellent accounting work that your company has provided.

I have found your company to be very professional and one that pays great attention to detail. As an accountant, you handle my account with the same care and interest that I personally would take. After having 5 different account executives over the last two years, this is the first time anyone’s work has inspired me to write a testimonial. I intend to refer your company to all my friends and associates.

Dr. B

I wanted to write and thank you for your prompt and thorough accounting service. I came to you with a fairly complex tax picture, and with only a couple of weeks before the tax deadline. After I provided you with initial documentation, you went right to work and prepared the needed documents in short order. Not only did I avoid a large tax bill, but I actually will receive money back from the government, which is a welcome change.

You were knowledgeable about common accounting and tax practices, and exhibited a quick grasp of my personal and corporate tax position. You prepared the needed papers swiftly and provided me with the information necessary to avoid common pitfalls later on.

Thanks for your very professional accounting work, and I look forward to a continued working relationship in the future.

Paul M. F

I wanted to thank you for the excellent accounting work that you and your staff have done for our business. As you know, I approached you with quite a mess. We had received poor advice on accounting procedures and had countless errors as a result of that; we were using bookkeeping software that wasn’t necessarily designed for use as we needed it and we were inputting information using methods that would not give us accurate reporting. In addition, we had numerous problems with our methods of handling payroll. All of these situations were making it almost impossible to conduct our business.

Despite all of these problems you and your staff approached the work with an open mind, and in a matter of months everything had been corrected, I was educated in how to use the software to meet the needs of our business, payroll was functioning properly and errors had been corrected. As an accountant, you continued to address problems when they arose in a timely and efficient manner, which allowed us to be more effective in our business.

I especially want to express my thanks to you for the exceptional assistance I received in tax preparation, both for our business and personal taxes. The problems we had had prior to when you first took over our accounting were addressed quickly. Additionally, you worked extra hours to complete our taxes to allow us to meet several deadlines which were crucial to our business.

We have been very satisfied and look forward to continuing to work with you.

Amanda B.

You really know your accountant stuff, Kathleen – Awesome job! Thanks for making this seem simpler. It has been overwhelming at times and you have a very simple method of getting right to the point of accounting.

You’re a pro and I can see why your business is expanding! Your solution to my bookkeeping problem was very simple and easy to implement.

Thanks, Kathleen!

Sam B.