Kathleen Lettau – Accountant in Naples FL – Gives 9 Signs That You Need A New Accountant Or Bookkeeper

Hello, Kathleen Lettau here, CEO of Perfect Accounting Service in Naples, Florida.

I’ve been helping business owners for over 25 years with their accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, and tax preparation.

Hiring the wrong accountant or bookkeeper can really cause problems for business owners. Even worse, business owners who keep an accountant or bookkeeper who has been making mistakes hurt their own business even more and waste money too.

Sometimes, an accountant or bookkeeper you hire simply does not know the laws or the best practices of accounting. Other times, they simply don’t care enough to do a really good job for you. Not only can that cause financial problems for your business, it sometimes can trigger an IRS audit of your company.

If you are experiencing problems in this area I invite you to get my complimentary guide that gives you 9 signs to look for to know if you need to hire a different accountant or bookkeeper.

Simply enter your name and email address in the form over on the right and you will get instant access to my complimentary guide. In addition, I will offer you a no-obligation review of your financials and give you 5 tips in 10 minutes to get your business more profitable.

You have nothing to lose, and lots of profit with less headaches to gain.

Here’s to your financial health!

Kathleen Lettau, CEO


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